18 products in this product line

Usage process:

Mirror / Drill Cut / Logic Light Pattern / Mesh / Drawing / Sandblasting / CD Pattern / PVD / Coating(Painting) / Partial Print / Assembly

Product use:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | bicycle industry | automotive electronics industry | fitness equipment industry | medical equipment industry | kitchen and bathroom equipment industry

Product Features:

  • Product development is free of mold, high economic efficiency. Short sample development time
  • It can be seamlessly connected on the plastic casing to present a three-dimensional LOGO with metal texture__adding value to the product.
  • It is very suitable for OEM and ODM products __Because the product is modularized, you only need to change the LOGO
  • With the evolution of the process, the surface treatment can be combined with the basic high-brightness silver, such as drill cutting/logic lighting/Mesh/Drawing/Sandblasting/CD pattern/PVD/Coating(Painting)/partial printing/assembly. Change