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Product use:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | bicycle industry | automotive electronics industry | fitness equipment industry | medical equipment industry | kitchen and bathroom equipment industry

Product Features:

  • The product can be laminated with multiple layers of materials to meet all kinds of customized production: according to customer needs, die-cut and fit products of different shapes and materials
  • Applicable to a variety of substrates, including double-sided tape, foam, insulation, mesh materials, functional films, metal foil, etc.
  • Highly complex processing capability: It can process die-cutting, hole-piercing, embossing, waste-discharging, etc. of different layers of substrates, and then splicing into high-cutting precision products
  • High Die Cutting Accuracy: Multi-step fit, dimensional tolerance after die-cutting can be controlled within ± within 0.1 mm
  • High production efficiency: die cutting speed of up to 50 m / min, effectively shortening product delivery
  • Special functions such as shielding electromagnetic interference, heat dissipation, insulation, waterproof, conductive, cushioning, acoustic design sound quality improvement, fixed adhesion, product protection or coating, can be used as mobile phones, consumer electronics, automotive parts or medical Internal components such as devices