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Usage process:

Stamping And Blanking / Stamping Cold Forging / Tapping / Coating(Painting)

Product use:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | bicycle industry | automotive electronics industry | fitness equipment industry | medical equipment industry | kitchen and bathroom equipment industry

Product Features:

  • Customized products with customer organizations and artwork __Every piece has "unique" uniqueness
  • It can be integrated with various metal surface treatment processes to produce vivid, layered and varied works. _Meet the needs of various industrial products. Metal surface treatment items: Spin pattern (round flower) / Penetration / Etching / Fill paint / Laser Engraving / Drawing / Screen Printing / Lithography / Coating(Painting) / Stamping Cold Forging / Stamping And Blanking / ED (electrophoresis) / Plating / Sandblasting /.......etc. >