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Usage process:

Electroforming copper process_High thermal conductivity metal base plate / Stamping cold forging / Insulation coating / NP semiconductor die assembly / Potting package

Product use:

The power generation modules produced in this product can be used in parallel or in series in multiple stages. It can also provide a customized waste heat recovery system or an independent power generation system. Mass production modules are also expected to provide client-side development of multi-target products. The highly sensitive and efficient flexible thermoelectric conversion module can also be applied in the fields of medical materials, body temperature power generation, waste heat power generation, solar energy waste heat assisted power generation and the like. The main newly designed and manufactured power generation modules in this case can mainly provide the application of related products in the following fields.

  1. Industrial waste heat recovery
  2. Solar power assist
  3. Self-powered remote sensing device
  4. Transistor waste heat recovery
  5. Wearing 3C Electronics
  6. Battery life extension
  7. Vehicle power supply

Product Features:

  • The energy conservation policies currently implemented by the global industry are mostly focused on reducing energy consumption. However, there is no effective and stable working device for the recovery of waste heat energy. Techniques for converting thermal energy into electrical energy using semiconductor grains as thermoelectric materials have tended to be stable. But there are still many designs that use thermoelectric materials that are still stalling. Since thermoelectric materials must have good thermal energy capture capabilities, they must also have good heat dissipation to maintain temperature differences to maintain operation. Therefore, the design that can operate under low temperature environment and low temperature condition can improve the conversion efficiency of the thermoelectric material and increase the proportion of heat energy recovery.
  • Manufacture flexible heat recovery thermoelectric modules. Different from the high-temperature, giant ceramic-based thermoelectric module that is now mature, the flexible contact and thermal end design formed by metal electroforming can improve the power generation sensitivity of the thermoelectric module, with a small temperature difference. The current can be generated for energy recovery within a few seconds of contact with the heat source, and an optimized thermoelectric conversion efficiency can be obtained.
  • Use human body temperature to produce electricity
  • The wafer device power generation (36 ° C) voltage is about twice as high as that of a commercially available wafer, and the current is about the same as a commercially available wafer.
  • The bending angle between each group of power generating units of the wafer device is >1 degree.
  • The wafer device (36 ° C) has a thermoelectric conversion efficiency of about 1.5 times that of a commercially available wafer.
  • The average thermal conductivity of the wafer device (36 ° C) is 0.82 (W / mk) and the thermal resistance coefficient is 4.24 (W / mK) on average
  • The wattage of the chip device (36 ° C) is about 3 mW
  • The number of deflections of the wafer device>20000 times