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Hydrogen Oxygen Flame Machine Cleaning / Robot Arm Painting / Clean Room Jobs

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Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | automotive electronics industry | medical equipment industry |

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  • Micro SD is a very small flash memory card. This type of memory card is mainly used in mobile phones. However, due to its positive and small advantages, it is slowly starting from GPS devices with increasing capacity. , portable music player and some flash memory discs. The size of the Micro SD is 15mm x 11mm x 1mm
  • Because consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance of Micro SD, the memory capacity is constantly increasing and the card thickness specifications cannot be changed. Only by continuously improving the semiconductor packaging technology can it be achieved
  • Because the Micro SD package is black, if it is to be rich in color, it can only be used for digital printing. However, digital printing cannot effectively process the surrounding surface of the Micro SD 4 __ Yu's exclusive development of the Micro SD card side spray white paint process
  • This MicroSD card side white baking paint process has high color/saturation degree/uniformity/low film thickness (7μm~8μm) / environmentally friendly halogen-free) / wear-resistant and scratch-resistant...
  • Can be customized with custom color