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Usage process:

Single/Multilayer Jumper / Assembled Metal Shrapnel / Riveted Terminals / LED Inlay / Bonding panel All in one

Product use:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | bicycle industry | automotive electronics industry | fitness equipment industry | medical equipment industry | kitchen and bathroom equipment industry

Product Features:

  • Printable single-layer lines or multi-layer jump lines
  • Mixed/assembled metal shrapnel / Thermoplastic Convex / other processes to increase the accuracy of the press & touch
  • Bonding panel All in one integrated shipping, customers can save assembly time on the line
  • Surface Resistance ≥ 14mΩ/□/mil (ASTM D257-78) Ultra-low-impedance Switch Control Sensitivity
  • It can be matched with the LED process, so that the position of the lamp hole can be synchronized with the overall design of the panel ID. The elastic change of the panel is not restricted by the hole of the housing mechanism. At the same time, the LED lights of multiple colors can be simultaneously inserted on the line
  • It can be used with the riveted terminal to connect with the connector, which can reduce the error rate and impedance of the production line