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Usage process:

Screen Printing / Lithography / Stereo Printing / Light Carving Nano Embossing / Sputtering / AR / AF / Laser Holography / POLY Epoxy / Laser engraving / Thermoplastic Convex / Cold Forging Convex / Cold Forging Concave / Stamping and blanking / CNC Cutting / CNC High Light Guide Angle

Product use:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, etc. 3C industry | home appliance industry | bicycle industry | automotive electronics industry | fitness equipment industry | medical equipment industry | kitchen and bathroom equipment industry

Product Features:

  • In-plant standing / transparent (optical grade) / matte / hair / hardening / surface treatment of PC, PET raw materials for customers to choose
  • Use with / Screen Printing / Lithography / Create a touch-sensitive panel with rich colors and rich variations
  • Exclusively developed 3D stereo printing technology to enable the mass-produced customer LOGO to present a detailed and unique 3D-like effect on the plane
  • Using light carving nano embossing technology to create exquisite and scratch-resistant texture on optical grade transparent PC / PET / PMMA material surface _ greatly enhance the texture value of plastic Ming Edition
  • Optical grade transparent / PC / PET / PMMA material can be matched / Sputtering / Laser holography / Light carving nano embossing / etc. Optical process, the surface of the material is processed into partial or full surface _ with diamond carving / Metallic effect of Spin pattern / CD pattern / mirror surface / brushed / sandblasting, enhance the all-round texture of plastic nameplate
  • Optical grade transparent / PC / PET / PMMA material can be matched with / AR (high penetration anti-reflection) / optical treatment to improve the light transmittance of LENS 3% to 6%
  • Using /AF (anti-fingerprint anti-oil) / optical treatment can greatly improve the surface anti-fouling (anti-fingerprint) ability of the product
  • Screen printing with IR ink allows the product to filter clutter only to receive fixed infrared wavelengths and maintain remote sensor sensitivity
  • The button selection button of the PC / PET operation panel can increase the visibility and touch of the operation according to the KEYPAD or SWITCH position matching / Thermoplastic convex / Cold forging convex / etc.